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While cryptographic money may have been the principal broadly known employment of blockchain innovation, today, it has come a long way from just being such. Truth be told, blockchain is setting up practically in every industry. Here are only a couple of the reasonable cases of blockchain innovation.


Entertainment Industry


  • Spotify‒At the point when Spotify obtained blockchain startup Mediachain Labs, it was to help create arrangements by means of a decentralized database to connect the artists better and their existing agreements with the tracks on Spotify’s administration.
  • KickCity‒A stage for occasion coordinators that empowers them to pay just for what they get, and compensates group individuals by sharing those occasions. Their items create around $50k every month in excess of 70k clients and 300 occasion has.
  • B2Expand‒In view of the Ethereum blockchain, they make cross-gaming computer games. Their first computer game “Beyond the Void” got into Ubisoft’s startup program and they’re the principal gaming organization on Steam with a crypto economy.



  • Blockpoint‒Rearranges the production of installment frameworks and permits mobile wallet, reliability program, gift cheques, and other more functions of point-of-sale.
  • Waranteer‒A blockchain application that enables shoppers to effectively get the data with respect to the items they acquired and get a benefit if there’s an item breakdown.


Supply Chains and Logistics

Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO


  • IBM Blockchain‒Knowing the status and state of each item on your inventory network from raw materials to conveyance is risky. Blockchain for supply chains permits transparent transaction with a real-time mutual record of ownership and location of parts and items.
  • Food Industry‒ Companies view blockchains as a chance to redo their information administration over an unpredictable system that incorporates farmers, brokers, distributors, processors, retailers, regulators, and consumers. One potential advantage: examinations concerning sustenance borne ailments to take weeks, yet a blockchain-based framework can lessen that time to just seconds.
  • Provenance‒Shoppers are progressively requesting transparency with respect to the items they buy and expend to guarantee the sourcing of materials and creation of items holds fast to their individual qualities. Provenance utilizes blockchain to give chain-of-custody and accreditation of supply chains.
  • Blockverify‒Blockverify targets anti-counterfeit arrangements utilizing blockchain to check fake items, redirected products, stolen stock and malicious exchanges. This is to serve the mission to introduce transparency to supply chains.
  • OriginalTrail‒There’s a lot more of applications in store for OriginalTrail aside from their usage of blockchain. This platform tells customers where their purchases originated from and how they were delivered.
  • De Beers‒De Beers mines, exchanges and markets over 30% of the world’s supply of precious stones. The organization intends to utilize a blockchain record for following jewels from the mine to the client buy. This transparency will help the business and anyone who wishes to check and affirm jewels are free from struggle. Fura Gems additionally plans to utilize blockchain in its supply procedure of emeralds, rubies, and different valuable stones.




  • Accenture‒It builds blockchain solution for its clients. They convert key insurance industry procedures into a blockchain-ready mechanism that enclose trust in their system. Accenture has its goal to improve productivity in the insurance industry.
  • RiskBlock‒An insurance company which presently tests a blockchain solution to administer proof-of-insurance information. When it’s fully functioning, this will aid the enforcement of the law, even the people under insurance will find out their status in present and this will help to speed up the processing of claims.




  • MedicalChain‒The first healthcare company utilizing blockchain innovation to encourage the capacity and use of electronic wellbeing records keeping in mind the end goal to convey a total telemedicine encounter. They are genuine rehearsing specialists in the UK medicinal services structure and need to change the framework from inside.
  • MedRec‒It utilizes blockchain to spare time, cash and duplication in methods between an assortment of offices and suppliers. Patients could likewise access their medical records to be used for future research.
  • Nano Vision‒Nano Vision joins the energy of blockchain with artificial intelligence (AI) to assemble atomic level information on Nano Tokens. AI at that point filters through the information to discover slants and examine associations that will prompt therapeutic leaps forward.
  • Gem‒ They cooperated with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to try different things utilizing blockchain to screen irresistible infections. The use of blockchain is their step to give patients the control over medical records.


Real Estate


BitProperty‒Utilizing blockchain and savvy contracts, BitProperty needs to democratize opportunity and make a decentralized society by permitting anyone from any country (aside from the U.S. what’s more, Japan because of administrative worries) to invest in real estate.




BitGive‒This worldwide charity uses blockchain innovation to give more noteworthy transparency to benefactors by sharing continuous money related and venture data. Spare the Children, The Water Project and Medic Mobile are a couple of the foundations working with BitGive.


Social Engagement


MatchPool‒The matchmakers are remunerated for making effective matches whether it’s dating, to outsourcing to Uber and Airbnb.




Dubai became the world’s first state that has been powered by blockchain technology. Thirty  government departments formed a committee focusing on investigating opportunities regarding health, shipping, business, and prevention of the disperse of diamonds with conflicts.

On the other hand, South Korea’s Samsung is creating a blockchain solution for the South Korean government which will be utilized in the safety of the public welfare and will also be applied in transportation.

For the sake of vote transparency, Followmyvote.com uses blockchain that allows a secure and transparent system of voting which reduces fraud and increases turnout.


There is such a significant number of blockchain advancements out there that test to discover what to feature. It’s rapidly getting to be evident that blockchain innovation is about much something beyond digital money. Across all over applications of the blockchain, it is an indication that blockchain technology has more to offer. Watch out for more exciting innovations!


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