As more organizations embrace the concept of big data as a veritable tool for enhancing marketing decisions, the business-use opportunities that exist therein continues to expand and is currently seen to be endless.


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To say that big data is a game-changer for businesses today would be a colossal understatement. There are several benefits to derive from big data and we have taken out time to outline the top 5 benefits that big data presents to organizations.


Pro Planning

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Big data offers organizations the opportunity of large-scale, specific data for marketing and design purposes. The success of organizations who have moved from seeing big data as a buzzword to an operative part of their day to day planning is telling in the number of big decisions that have been taken accurately and the market share they enjoy today.


Big data puts the power to grow in your hands and gives you the leverage to out-run the competition every time.


Big Data = Better Design


Big Data offers organizations better opportunities to explore product design concepts, fine-tune designs and plan effective marketing campaigns.


Because Big data represents large-scale specific user data, organizations are provided with the latest trends and the current customer posture in their industry. This position, when paired with topnotch analytics as provided by, offers organizations the much-needed insight in the designing of products and marketing campaigns to meet with the specific desire and requirements of their prospective customers. This approach is cost saving, provides a better opportunity for better design and offers great value.


Increase Revenue


The incentive for investment is profit. Managers are expected to constantly seek out ways to bring down cost and increase revenue. Big Data offers insight into increasing revenue by tracking sales and trends in real-time to allow for the optimization of pricing, a projection of demands and the forecasting of future market trends. This information offers credible insights to growing sales and managing customer expectations. The amount of information gleaned from this data can help organizations make critical decisions when it matters most.


Conversion Optimization


Big data helps you see through your marketing efforts. It shows the trend, helps you to better understand how your leads are generated and how traffic moves from point A to Point B. The information presented allows you to deal with all bottlenecks in your sales funnel as well as provide the right information for the design of an alternate approach. Big data drills deep into customer behavior to offer a data-driven approach in targeting conversion optimization. Bear in mind, the more data you have to assess the behavior of your traffic, the better.


Connective Relationship


Big data gives you a head start in creating a mutually beneficial relationship with all your customers. It brings you into the knowledge of their specific preferences and allows you the opportunity to connect where it matters most. Beyond the numbers are people. Big data gives you the opportunity to show them that you care and know each and every one of them even in the sea of numbers. Note, however, because not all data are created equal, the value of optimized data that is offered by offers the best value proposition for any organization seeking to leverage the benefits of Big data.


Mark Bartolini, founder of SEO Mavericks captures it just right when he said; “If I can get the type of targeted information DataBlockChain is offering securely and efficiently over the Blockchain, it is a game changer. Data drives digital marketing efforts, and good data is what my clients lack today. offers customers the critical data that gives them the right insight into all aspects of their business. sieves through the large chunk of data to offer only time-conscious data that helps to accomplish the organizational objectives and marketing aspirations.


Author: Jesse Brown

Jesse Brown

Jesse is an accomplished Blockchain Architect with exceptional decentralization, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology (DLT) expertise complemented by hands-on Token Generating Event (TGE) experience. Proven ability to communicate complex Compliant ICO, Crypto and Blockchain concepts to stakeholders and non-technical audiences. Jesse has been involved in four successful blockchain ventures, ServerCube Inc., Patientory, Inc. and Enterprise Blockchain. Jesse also served as Blockchain Enterprise Architecture Consultant at Ford Motor Company.

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