In cryptocurrency trading, as with stock and forex, one often finds themselves trading against the hopes dreams as well as the fears of innumerable strangers. No matter how experienced one is, it is easy to get lost in the proverbial fog of war and it becomes more difficult to make rational calls. That’s the nature of this highly speculative and volatile, zero-sum game.


When the market is doing an Olympic level nose dive and you find your palms sweating and can hear your heart beating between your ears, it’s probably not the best idea to trust your gut when it’s crawling up your esophagus, trying to escape through your mouth. You need a second, maybe a third or fourth opinion.


Luckily, we live in the most connected era in human history and advice on your next call is usually a tweet away. We’ve done some of the footwork for you and have scoured Twitter for a few crypto trading sages you can populate your war-council with (aside from The Wolf Of Poloniex and the rest of the wolf pack that is).


1. Daniel Jeffries

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Dan Jeffries seems to ride the ebb and flow of the crypto surf with the sangfroid of Captain Barbosa sailing into a maelstrom. He dishes out his opinions with the blazé, wise-guy type attitude of a Sopranos cast member, as an added bonus. Jeffries maintains a Medium blog where he shares his opinion on various crypto related subjects in addition to handing out trading tips.


Dan’s tweets:


“Remember, markets are not rational. They can go higher or lower than you ever imagined. Ride the wave and keep those stops moving”


“There are two types of TA. One attempts to predict the future. The second confirms what’s already happening. I find the second kind vastly more effective personally.”


2. Peter Brandt


This guy is like a trading Gandalf! Armed with over 40 years of trading experience, he reads charts like some kind of Oracle and makes them yield their secrets to him. He approaches markets with the seasoned cool of Sean Connery walking in on Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig arguing over who played the better James Bond.


You’ll get tips on Technical Analysis (reading a chart’s entrails), and crypto insight though Brandt doesn’t exclusively tweet about crypto. Give his website to sharpen your Technical analysis game.


Peter’s tweets:


“A running bull market is one during which the market does not have the ability to close below the low of the highest day of the advance.”


“There is temptation for traders to employ substantially more leverage at tail end of good markets, when they should be scaling back risk.”


“Missing trades is commonplace. If this experience impacts your mental or emotional ability to trade, then you should not be trading.”


3. Mind Trader


Here will get a Bitcoin and altcoin chart play-by-play you can use to inform your next trade. Mind Trader usually provides insights on patterns that one may miss due to being in the zone on a different trade. So you might want to turn on your tweet notifications for this account.


Mind Trader also runs a trading group called Cryptology. It’s super exclusive, limited to 250 commited memebers. The group offers trading mentorship on technical analysis. No hype or pump-and-dump runs allowed.


Mind Trader’s tweets:


“$omg (#Bittrex ) Recommended at $11.70 has touched a high of $19.90, target intact at $24.60. #OmiseGO #USDT #Trade”


“$BTC (#Bitstamp ) Below $10,000 Next support now at $9000-$8900. #bitcoin”


4. Bitcoin Tre


Then there’s this character, crypto vlogger, Bitcoin Tre. He’s a devout HODLer but he often offers insight on projects with potential. If you’re looking for a reason to stock up and go long on certain coins, he’ll likely have all the intrinsic value based rationale you need.


Bitcoin Tre’s tweets:


“Watching NEO. Hopefully it breaks down below this channel….so I can buy more”


The market makers job is to force you to lose money


5. Parabolic Trav


Parabolic Trav’s analysis and commentary is specifically targeted at HODLers. Expect a lot of practical advice and analysis on how to handle the market dips and rallys. Great for people who are looking to extract value from crypto over a longer period than the bulls and bears.


Trav’s tweets:


“Extreme uptrends constantly generate positive news cycles. Last 2 months have been the exception, not the rule.”

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Ash Bonga

Ash is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, who dabbles in a bit of trading. By day he heads, technology distribution firm Existence Digital along with projects in footwear.

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