So, you have some bitcoins and you really want to use them but you are stumped on ways to spend it or you are not too sure what sites allow you to make use of them. Well, that’s fine because we are compiling a list of places and ways that you can spend them and we hope that you find one that you like.


Although bitcoins were initially created in 2009, it wasn’t until 2014 that the first major online retailer, accepted it as a valid and legal currency tender. Since then several other retailers both major and minor have followed suit, thereby increasing the reach of the bitcoin.

Some interesting ways to spend bitcoins include:




As mentioned earlier major retailers like,, ShopJoy, Shopify and much more accept bitcoins as a form of payment. On the other hand, companies like Amazon, Nike and such have yet to implement the acceptance of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. However, you can indirectly use it by shopping at Gyft or eGifter – mobile gift cards – and using the gift cards to shop at other stores such as Amazon, Wholefoods, Walmart etc.

Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO




Several sites fast food site and grocery sites accept bitcoin as a form of payment directly and indirectly. In the terms of directly, you can go to the website and place an order and when you checkout you can use bitcoin or some other types of cryptocurrencies to pay via BitPay. Examples of such places include Subway Restaurant, – a site that allows the purchase of pizza from local stores major pizza fast foods such as dominos participate, and many other small businesses. Indirect payment involves gift card sites like Gyft, which accepts bitcoins or PayPal. If using Gyft, you can purchase gift cards from various stores and use those gift cards to shop.


Hotels and Flights


So, you want to travel or just off on a business trip and you want to be cashless for safety reasons or just for the fun of it. Well, here’s the good news you can use your bitcoins to pay for your flight and for your accommodations courtesy of sites like,, and many more. There are also some hotels and airlines that directly accept cryptocurrencies such as LOT Polish Airlines, One Shot Hotels, Virgin Galactic.




Major game retailers such as Microsoft and Zynga (Online gaming) accept bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as a legal tender for purchase. Zynga partnered with BitPay to allow customers pay with bitcoins for in-app purchases. Microsoft also allows the use of Bitcoin to purchase games, movies, and apps in the Windows and Xbox stores, in addition to the Microsoft online stores. Others include Big Fish Games.




In countries where inflation is high or there are high chances of banking failures, people have turned to the using bitcoins as a way of keeping their savings account in good shape and free from crisis. It has become a way to protect savings from situations like Wall Street Crash etc.


Also, if you want to use bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and the site does not allow it, you can use Shake Pay to convert your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to USD/ Euro and use it on sites that do not accept bitcoins, however, please note that it comes with a fee.


There are also many other sites and business that accept cryptocurrencies so I recommend taking a look at the sites below for ideas.


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