6 Women In Crypto

It’s National Women’s month in South Africa, our land. This is not a political publication so I won’t get into the nitty gritty of why that is, but nevertheless, August is a month where we celebrate the strength of women in all spheres of life.


Though the blockchain industry is dominated by men, there are still a number of women helping to shape the industry as a whole. They lead organisations that, in many cases, have become the heart and soul of the cryptocurrency arena. So without further talking up, here is a list of 6 women who are making waves in an otherwise testosterone saturated game.

1 Linda Xie (Product Manager, Coinbase)

Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO


Linda Xie joined Coinbase, a Crypto wallet, and exchange company, as a regulatory compliance investigator in 2014. With a finance background, Linda has an intimate understanding of the inefficiencies of mainstream financial systems.


Her passion for crypto has seen her advising law enforcement, using her knowledge of blockchain technology to help fight cyber crime. In her spare time, she serves as an adviser for 0x, a project aimed at developing open technology for decentralised exchange of Ethereum based-assets.


2 Toni Lane Casserly (CEO, CoinTelegraph)

Toni Lane

Casserly keeps a jam packed schedule running cryptocurrency and blockchain online publication CoinTelegraph, advising numerous organisations and being the organiser of Bitcoin music festival, Eikon.


She strongly believes cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could change the way humanity views politics, logic, money, and value. She sees blockchain technology as the next stage of human societal evolution,  promoting both peace and a broader sense of equality.



3 Alena Vranova (CEO, Trezor)

Alena Vranova Trezor

Alena runs the world’s leading Bitcoin hardware wallet provider, Trezor. Ms. Vranova leads a team of designers and programmers dedicated to ensuring their Trezor wallet offering is both user-friendly prevents the loss of your stored Bitcoin.


4 Catheryne Nicholson (CEO, BlockCypher)

Catheryne Nicholson Blockcypher

Catheryne is an engineer, entrepreneur, mother and former U.S. Naval Officer (badass credentials), who has designed and built  software platforms in education, energy and emissions management, as well as defense systems for various organisations.


Her company, BlockCypher has developed a cloud-optimized blockchain technology layer,  enabling developers and large enterprises to build, monitor and secure blockchain applications. BlockCypher runs their own block chain in addition to run multiple others.



5 Tina Hui (CEO: Follow The Coin)

Follow the coin

Hui, who is a journalist and PR partner/advisor in the blockchain space founded Bitcoin advocacy site, Follow The Coin.  She has a Bachelor of Science from The University of San Francisco, Tina has worked for companies like Warner Bros, Pictures, and Fox Atomic.  She’s also has over a dacade of experience in freelance marketing, business development and strategy consultancing.


6 Cindy McAdam (CEO, Xapo)

Cindy McAdam

Cindy, who heads Swiss Bitcoin wallet and payment card provider Xapo bring a lot of business experience to the table. Before making her mark in the blockchain industry, She negotiated the sale of Postini to Google, an R8,4 billion deal. She’s also filled the role of COO for mobile payments company Bling Nation.


So there you have it, six female powerhouses in the blockchain and crytocurreny arena. They are just a few examples of women blazing a trail in this new and exciting industry. Hopefully they’ll serve as role models for young girls and inspire them to enter and drive innovation in blockchain.

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Ash Bonga

Ash is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, who dabbles in a bit of trading. By day he heads, technology distribution firm Existence Digital along with projects in footwear.

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