On August 8th, Chinese blockchain outfit, Antshares, announced the completion of the rebranding of their blockchain project to NEO. The reinvention is not just in name but in blockchain functionality as well. Neo has upgraded its blockchain nodes, and introduced a new, Java, Javascript and C++ based smart contract system. No longer just trying to trying to out Ethereum, Neo is positioning itself as a leader in Chinese and global blockchain development.


Antshares announced its rebranding to “NEO” In the press conference held on June 22.  Focusing on upgrading itself to a smart economy platform with an integration of digital assets, digital identity and smart contracts. Da Hongfei’s NEO blockchain has also introduced an array new features like a cross-chain protocol, quantum-resistant cryptography, a distributed storage protocol and a secure communication protocol, along with PC and mobile apps.


Since NEO successfully upgraded, it has added full smart contract support (without having to learn a new coding language, like Ethereum’s Solidity), attracting a number of startups to build projects on the platform. Bancor, Coindash and Agrello are among some of the first to signed technical cooperation agreements with NEO.


Red Pulse, an event-driven Chinese market research company, have also announced intentions to join NEO’s ecosyatem an develop a research sharing platform built on the NEO 2.0 smart contract system. It will allow readers to guide market research and to use digital currency to reward analysts and contributors directly and fairly, disruption is the name of the game as this would be a game changer in terms of current financial research market models. The project will even ICO a new cryptocurrency, $RPX, powered by the NEO platform.

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NEO signed a collaboration agreement with ELASTOS (founded by Chen Rong) to ” explore the technological values and applications of Blockchains in the new internet operating systems to further the development of a Smart Economy”. Elastos plans to develop an Operating System for the blockchain, while the NEO system will enable developers to create blockchain applications more efficiently


In case you’re wondering, NEO currently ranks seventh on CoinMarketCap‘s list with a value of R623, and looks set to do major things.


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