IOTA Tangle

Guides: What is IOTA?

IOTA is a permissionless distributed ledger with a DAG-type topology designed for micro/nano-transactions and the fleshing out of strong economic signals in the emerging groundwork of the machine-to-machine economy that make up the IoT (Internet-of-Things). IOTA’s tangle essentially constitutes an abstract machinery of a rhizomatic kind,…

Guides: What is MakerDAO?

The MakerDAO platform (from “market maker”) leverages the logic of Ethereum’s design rationale to assemble, through a series of smart contracts, a stability engine which dynamically hedges a 1:1 soft peg to the US dollar (and possibly the minting of an IMF currency basket pegged…
What is ChainLink?

Guides: What is ChainLink?

A practical limitation of blockchains (particularly as it relates to smart contracts) is the consensus constraints which largely isolate the system off from the outside world, making it difficult for smart contracts to reliably interface with real-world events while maintaining the integrity…

Guides: What is Spectrecoin?

In the category of competing privacy-centric cryptoassets with focus on strong anonymity (such as Monero, ZCash, PIVX, etc.; a full list of them can be found here) an obscure project called SpectreCoin (XSPEC) stands out with some unique and interesting features, particularly when…

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