Most of the blockchain and cryptocurrency meetings take place in Europe, North America, or Asia. But Africa is not lagging behind the new developments in the blockchain and virtual currency industry.


The most important minds from the blockchain world recognised representatives from the financial industry, and global technological enterprises, were present at Microsoft HQ in South Africa, to take part in the fourth edition of the Blockchain Africa conference.


Blockchain Africa Conference

Between the 8 and 9 March 2018, Johannesburg hosted the fourth edition of the Blockchain Africa Conference. The conference brought together a diverse range of local and international speakers that discussed blockchain and cryptocurrency use cases, among other topics.


The official site of the Blockchain Africa conference reads as follows:

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“Blockchain technology offers advancements and innovation in various technological fields. The open-source, decentralised and distributed nature of the blockchain creates new opportunities in Africa because the technology offers people, governments, companies and institutions an alternative to existing systems.”


This is an important event that shows that Africa is not behind other regions in the development of blockchain technology. There is a genuine interest in cryptocurrencies, and enterprises are investing in them, as well as in distributed ledger technology.


African Blockchain Hubs


There are many cryptocurrency hubs in Europe and Asia. But the same is happening in Africa. Different countries like Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and Sudan, have very active crypto communities.


BitHub Africa, is a blockchain accelerator that is driving the adoption of blockchain technology and solutions across all the African continent. The company located in Nairobi, focuses on developing innovative and relevant solutions using blockchain technology.


There are some areas that the company is trying to improve:

  • Legal and Governance Services
  • Identity Management
  • Data Management and Storage
  • Financial Services
  • Internet of Things
  • AgriTech
  • Software Security
  • Payment Gateways


The company’s official website says:

“BitHub Africa is bringing together expertise to drive the development and adoption of blockchain technologies with a focus on Africa. This is because we believe Kenya is the hotbed of innovative and disruptive financial technology based solutions e.g. M-Pesa. We also believe blockchain solutions will play a significant part in helping Kenya attain its Vision2030 gals and become world leader in the adoption of technology.”


Since 2016, BitHub offers service and software solutions to many different enterprises and governments. In this way, Kenya is positioning itself as one of the most important cryptocurrencies and blockchain hubs in Africa.


African Blockchain Enterprises


At the same time, other enterprises are flourishing in the continent. An African company, known as Bitland, is developing a system that will allow governments to have a clear record of landowners.


In several African countries, landowners lack the title of their properties. Indeed, the land is held using oral agreements between farmers and land-owning chiefs. Bitland is working in Ghana, in order to end this land-ownership problem.


In the same way, other start-ups, universities, and communities, are getting involved in the cryptocurrency world. Africa will be present in the next blockchain revolution as one of the protagonist regions.

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