Some time ago, we wrote at BitoinHub that the most important Zimbabwean cryptocurrency exchange, Golix, decided to expand its business operations to South Africa. In order to do so, the company partnered with Blockstarters, an important start-up from SA that works as a blockchain incubator helping companies to expand their business in the region. But how exactly Blockstarters operate? Which is their goal?

Blockstarters The South African Blockchain Incubator


According to its website, Blockstarters is the first blockchain hub and business incubator in the Southern country.

“As entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency & blockchain industry, we understand the skills required to bridge the gap between an idea and a successful business. That is why we created BlockStarters, South Africa’s first incubator focusing on cryptocurrency & blockchain startups from around the world.”


The company is based in Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa and has already assisted several companies and businesses in the region. Blockstarters allows enterprises to set up a business and get access to all the required office services to do that business. At the same time, it helps companies to enter the market through an extensive network of mentors, investors, and partners.


Hub partner Keraan Singh explained during an interview with Disrupt-Africa:

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“We created this space because we wanted to bring together high calibre startups in this industry under one roof, enabling skills sharing, linking investors, and providing an energy-intensive space for innovation.”


The company is currently providing a maker-space where startups can interact with each other, improve their products and services, and release them to the market faster.


“Blockstarters is also becoming a central point for corporates to interact with and understand the latest developments in the crypto and blockchain world, attracting interest both locally and internationally,” said Mr. Singh. “We do however, through our partner companies, offer mentoring and access to accounting, legal, branding and marketing service in a shared ecosystem.”

Future Plans


South Africa and the African continent, in general, is working with and embracing blockchain technology. Governments and private enterprises want to be part of the new revolution that is taking place all over the world, and Blockstarters will be a key player in the region.


That’s why Blockstream is also thinking about the changes in the blockchain and crypto market in Africa.

“Since launching into the public domain, we have had a number of institutions approach us with the possibility of collaboration, opening up new opportunities for ourselves and out incubees. We have a number of projects in the pipeline, such as a crypto PoS system, a token offering, and expansion into other locations around Africa,” Singh commented.


During the last months, we have covered how many blockchain projects around Africa are attacking specific problematic of some countries and negotiating with governments in order to modernize the public sector. Africa as a continent has an incredible potential for distributed ledger technology to grow and prosper. In this context, Blockstarters will be helping businesses and enterprises to grow, develop and enter the African market.

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