Decentralized P2P platform for exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat money without intermediaries on the basis of smart contracts.

The key element of STREAMITY is StreamDesk
DAPP STREAMDESK is a p2p platform for smart-contract cryptocurrency exchange.
StreamDesk is a unique and fully automatic service with minimal commissions and fair market prices.
Smart contracts will guarantee the perfect security and the transactions of traditional currency will be committed directly from user to user with the reception of the response from the payment system, which is used as a “signal” to unlock smart-contracts and close a deal.

Advantages. StreamDesk is a mass service; connection of new users will create a strong demand for STM
tokens. Moreover, the tokens will be openly traded on the main cryptocurrency exchange markets, and
users will transform cryptocurrency into fiat money through StreamDesk service as it is much more
profitable than using other means and services. This will ensure access of new users to our platform!
COPYME INC is both a product and a service. We cater to both the traders and investors looking to capitalize in the cryptocurrency trading.

Being able to copy trades from several expert traders and also allow investors to follow one’s trades is a great service in and of itself.

We have been trading markets for many years and recently started trading crypto currencies with much success. We originally wanted to put together a portfolio of coins and manage everyone’s funds in one account but we soon realized that account segregation and being in control of your funds is the only way to go, especially if we wanted to bring in outside investors. So, after looking around and finding out that there was no way for anyone to copy someone else’s trades (unlike any other market), we decided to start working on this project.

There have been many challenges and obstacles to overcome but when something is worth pursuing you do it even if it’s hard. While the service is still being refined and improved on the daily bases we are actively connecting traders and investors for the mutual benefit in crypto currency trading/investing.
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