Ansthares Neo

Antshares Rebrands To NEO

On August 8th, Chinese blockchain outfit, Antshares, announced the completion of the rebranding of their blockchain project to NEO. The reinvention is not just in name but in blockchain functionality as well. Neo has upgraded its blockchain nodes, and introduced a new,…

Report: What is NEM?

Only a few months after launching, NEM (New Economy Movement) a revolutionary blockchain platform and cryptocurrency, successfully secured an undisclosed amount of Venture Capital funding from a high profile Japanese firm.   NEM’s unique source code introduced unprecedented functional concepts to blockchain…

The Rise of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a combination of cryptography and money transfer. It allows the transfer of money or value between peers through complex algorithms. It is this implementation cryptography that makes the transactions secure. Cryptocurrencies first appeared with the invention and release of Bitcoin…

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