Some of the factors limiting blockchain and decentralised app adoption is the amount of time it takes to develop the technologies, as well as the fact that blockchain developers are in short supply globally.


A company called Crowd Machine aims to bridge the gap by offering a distributed network with embedded DApp creation and execution capabilities. Crowd Machine’s platform automates the creation of Blockchain DApps, enabling organisations to develop DApps without writing any code.


The technology in Crowd Machine’s offering features a protocol designed to optimise cost and speed through interaction with any blockchain. If you build a Decentralised Application on Crowd Machine, you can set it up to automatically execute transactions and processes through any blockchain, depending on the transaction speed and cost you prefer. This Includes the three “Big-Dog” blockchains, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.


“Our technology allows you to build sophisticated decentralized apps and smart contracts on the Crowd Machine network and gives you the option to choose what blockchain you want to interact with..” stated Craig Sproule, founder of Crowd Machine.

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Crowd Machine looks set to do some serious disrupting in the blockchain industry, as several Fortune 500 companies have already begun to harness the power of blockchain through the platform. According to their Whitepaper, one stands to be compensated for letting the Crowd Virtual Machine, an app execution machine that executes the apps deployed on the network, borrow some of the processing power on your computer or mobile device.

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