IOTA Foundation board member, David Cohen, joined cloud application marketplace Wireline‘s advisory team on November 13th. Cohen brings with him a wealth of experience from his work at IOTA as well as the Hashgraph Consortium, where he serves as a board member.


David Cohen has garnered international renown for his pioneering work in the field of decentralised software, particularly blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


. “Blockchain is an amazing technology that is starting to disrupt multiple industries, making processes more democratic, transparent, efficient and secure. I’m excited to leverage my experience and lessons learned to assist Wireline’s excellent team as they push forward with their vision to deliver a blockchain-enabled cloud app marketplace,” said Cohen.


Cohen will share the boardroom with executives, advisors, and investors with heavy industry credentials, many of them with backgrounds at firms like Amazon, IBM, Salesforce, Google, Yahoo!, Sony and Thomson Reuters. He joins Wireline ahead of its Token Sale, scheduled to be held late in Q4 of this year.

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Wireline CEO and founder Lucis Geiger expressed his delight in having Cohen aboard by stating: “David’s deep expertise in designing and building decentralized systems – both in a hands-on as well as an advisory capacity – is absolutely unsurpassed. We are excited to work with him as we continue to pursue our roadmap and vision,”

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