Bitcoin piggy bank investing

Bitcoin Investing

Bitcoin piggy bank investing

Bitcoin investing is risky business, many are searching for ways to earn more Bitcoin by finding investment oppotunities. There are many legitimate ways you can invest in the cryptocurrency boom, but beware there are also many scams and schemes which are promising payouts which are unsustainable. We list a few investment oppotunities we believe to be legitimate below.


**A Friendly Warning**

Information displayed on this link resource is for educational and informational purposes only, we are not financial advisors and this is not investment advice. Do your own research and due diligence and understand the high-risk nature of a speculative investment such as Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency investing. Even if you feel the company you have entrusted with your hard-earned crypto is reputable, there is always the risk of: Hacking, scamming, bankruptcy, regulatory changes, and a government shutdown. Bitcoin is considered by many to be a high-risk investment opportunity, never invest more than you could afford to lose.


Investing Directly In Bitcoin

Do you believe that Bitcoin will continue to gain widespread adoption and rise in price? If so you might be interested in investing directly in Bitcoin itself or a vehicle that get’s it’s value directly from the price of Bitcoin you can do so by purchasing and holding Bitcoin yourself. This is by far the most popular way of investing in the cryptocurrency. Here are a list of exchanges to Buy bitcoins and hold them for a later day when you would hope they will gain value as a long-term investment opportunity.


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Peer-to-Peer Loans/Liquidity

Earn bitcoin by lending or investing on a peer to peer loan marketplace. Investors will get a good return on loaning out USD or BTC to borrowers who return it for interest. Some platforms are less risky than others, although no investing comes with no risk at all so please do your due diligence before investing with any of these websites!

Invest in Bitcoin Lending

The most notable is probably BTCJam. You can earn 0-400% ROI annualized on capital emloyed. Take note that this is in the form of a personal loan, it is a reputation based marketplace, so make sure you are investing money that you would be comfortable to lose.

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Bitfinex Bitcoin Lending Investment
Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange is one of the longest standing and is also the exchange that currently boasts the most trading volume in the world. Not only that, Bitfinex offers leveraged trading on it’s innovative platform. Traders can loan USD from investors and use it to margin trade. It has inbuilt “Margin-call” facility, so even if a trader you have invested in loses his trade, none of your initial investment is lost! Earn as much as 7% ROI annualized on  capital employed, with relatively low risk!

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Invest in Bitcoin Gambling Sites

You might not normally relate gambling to safe investing, unless you are the house. As you know, the casino has the odds stacked in it’s favor. With bitcoin investors can now crowd fund the bank roll for these “provably fair” and transparent Bitcoin Gaming sites.

In the long run investing in Bitcoin gambling sites should see a positive return on their investment and historically investors have been shown to earn as much as 30% ROI per annum on capital employed. This can be a very lucrative second income to a savvy investor.


Invest In Bitcoin Dice The most well-known site in this category is Satoshi Dice, It allows you to invest in a provably fair Bitcoin dice game which has a house edge of 1%, you earn your share according to how much you’ve invested in the sites bankroll. Safe and consistent profits however like with any investments, it does carry some risk, do your due dilligence before investing in anything.

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