Bitcoin Trading

Here we will provide a list of resources and tools to get started trading the Bitcoin market. We provide a list of online guides and resources, leveraged trading platforms as well as Bitcoin Options ans CFD’s.

 **Bitcoin trading is risky and only a small percentage of day traders are profitable. None of the information here is provided as investment advice, please do your own research before you begin trading we cannot be held accountable for any losses that Bitcoin trading may incur**Bitcoin_Trading

Guides and Tutorials


(Basics) Understanding Bitcoin-

Some beginners guides explaining what bitcoin is and how to get started with trading.

ForexNews- The ultimate guide to Trading Bitcoins – A detailed article that goes into depth on what bitcoin is, transactions explained, how to buy it and how it is traded.




The Beginners Guide To Trading Bitcoin– Explains some basic concepts of trading as well as how to read candlestick charts and executing a trade.


Trading Resources

Exchanges & Trading Platforms


The best exchanges to trade BTC/ZAR easily.


LocalBitcoins– A safe place for buyers and sellers to meet online and exchange BTC/ZAR. There are an many active South African sellers and buyers who use most of the main local banks, meaning near instant pay-out. They have an escrow system which ensures a safe transaction always.


Leveraged Trading

Bitfinex– A highly advanced trading platform. Up to 3.3:1 leverage. This is the largest bitcoin exchange by volume in 2016, they also have a margin trading platform which works on a peer-to-peer lending platform. Investors loan USD to margin traders on a redetermined price agreed to as per the order book.

Whaleclub- Offer up 10:1 leveraged bitcoin trading on their platform. It is one of the largest Bitcoin trading communities. They also offer free demo trading.

  • 1x, 3.3x, 5x, and 10x leverage
  • low spreads
  • no minimum deposit
  • no execution fees
  • no delays (instant execution)
  • no requotes
  • no rejections
  • anonymous / no account verification



Software & Charts

Software, tools and charts


Bitcoinwisdom– Comprehensive Bitcoin charting software, available for free online. It offers candlestick charts and volume across all the top Bitcoin exchanges. It also has some nifty customization indicators and tools.

Bitcoinity- Live charting and order book visualization of some of the top Bitcoin exchanges


Tradingview– Live charting softare with lots of indicators available, share your charts with others and discuss.