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You are desperately willing to buy some cryptocurrencies but are feared of losing your money. You have tried your best to look for earning free cryptocurrencies but nothing seems genuine, right? Your search and worry will come to an end after reading our post.


Disclaimer: This is a guest post and does not reflect the opinions of Do your own research before following any of the advice given in this post.


We have found an unadulterated offer which provides free Ripple if you win. “Free Ripple if you win” made you thought of some gambling? But it is not. You’ll come to know when you understand the offer and its purpose. Yes, we know your curiosity has reached its height! We are uncovering the offer now.


So, there’s a new venture called Encrybit which introduces itself as the “Future of Exchange”. You are now clear that the offer is by an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange. Let’s get some more idea about Encrybit. Its aim is to offer a highly improved and secured trading platform to the crypto traders. If you have ever used an exchange, you might have faced some kind of challenge while performing any of the action. As all the exchanges prevailing today have some cons associated with it. The founders and experts at Encrybit have faced them too and found a major room for improvement.

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Encrybit also loves to call itself as a “People’s Exchange”. And to make this quote successful, Encrybit wants to know the challenges faced by the people from the people and also their expectations on some missing elements in an exchange. Now, to record the opinions of such large number of crypto traders, what would be better than organizing an online survey? The online survey to improve current trading standards will have questions related to exchanges, trading and of course your suggestions. You only need some trading experience to answer the questions.


The survey already active at


You will be able to access this link and submit your response till 30th April 2018.


Apart from the questions, the survey form will ask for some other details such as name, email, wallet address (to receive the reward it you win!) to verify your identity. And will ask you to follow Encrybit’s Twitter and Telegram channels.


We know you are still wondering about the reward thing…okay, so Encrybit is going to give you rewards based on the response submitted by you for the survey. You are very well aware of the purpose of this survey. Encrybit wants the best possible suggestions so that they can develop the finest cryptocurrency exchange till now. To increase the competition among participants and to thank them for their time and support, Encrybit has decided for this giveaway offer.


Once the survey is over, Encrybit will analyse all the answers received and based on that, will announce top 3 as winners.


Encrybit will reward XRP to the Top 3 Survey participants in the hierarchy of 100 XRP, 75 XRP and 50 XRP respectively.


The rest of the participants will receive ENB token once the Encrybit ICO starts.


So, your head is somewhat clear now. Now, how to increase your chances of winning. You know the purpose of Encrybit for organizing this survey. So, you have to pen down your personal experience concerning the current state of exchanges and the real-time issues you face while trading. Also, your valuable suggestions for how you expect the future of exchange to be. Write all your answers accurately and in a self-explanatory manner. Try answer all the questions as the rest of your competitors are going to do so. This is a tip because all the questions are not mandatory.


The biggest question now is “How will your know if you have won and how will your receive your reward”? Encrybit will declare the result of the survey on its Telegram channel, within 10 days of survey completion. So, keep following the channel and it’s even mandatory to receive the reward. Share your XRP wallet address with Encrybit and the reward will be credited to your wallet within 30 days of survey completion based on your winning position.


The non-winning participants have already provided their ERC20 MyEther Wallet address in the form. So, they will receive the ENB token which will be distributed after Encrybit ICO begins.


All set, now hurry submit the survey and get lucky to win free Ripple!

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