Press Release: The healthcare sector is one of the most critical infrastructures of any society – responsible for the well being of people. However, when it comes to healthcare systems, we are yet to see a major innovation in the management front. Hospitals of the modern day and age often face various controversies which can easily be fixed with the help of a proper healthcare management system. Healthureum offers the perfect solution for such issues and problems of the modern day and age.


Healthureum – which runs on the blockchain technology is a revolution in the healthcare management system, the likes of which has never been done before in the industry. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Healthureum brings the worlds of technology and healthcare one step closer.

What is Healthureum?

It is a blockchain based platform meant for healthcare management. The platform has its own cryptocurrency – HHEM – which is used for making payments in the Healthureum network. The Healthureum system performs a number of tasks which make the systems more transparent as well as easier for the users with the help of smart contracts and easier, faster options of cryptocurrency payments.



What can the Healthureum Systems Do?

The Healthureum systems can perform a number of functions which benefit both, healthcare organizations as well as patients. Here’s a look at some of the features of Healthureum:

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• Better Record Management System

Record management is something which is quite complex, especially in healthcare industries. It keeps all the health related data of the patients safe and secure, as well as updated. Patients often tend to lose their data or hospitals may misplace it. However, once they are on the Healthureum blockchain – they are there forever and cannot be modified without the permission of the owner.

• Better Transparency

Another process that is often complicated when it comes to hospitals and the healthcare industry is that of transparency. Healthureum provides a better managed system where the users know exactly all the services that they are making the payment for. This ensures that there is enough transparency between the patient and the caregiver.

• Video Consultancies

Sometimes patients think that they need to consult the doctors – but due to their busy schedules they skip the visit, leading to major complications. However, Healthureum can allow video consultancies which can easily be paid for via the HHEM token.

• Inventory Management

The Healthureum blockchain system will know when the hospitals are falling short of supply on a certain inventory. It will automatically re-order the items which are falling low on stock. This ensures that the middle-men are eliminated and that the prescribed drugs and equipment are being delivered on time. This further improves the transparency.

The Healthureum Cryptocurrency Token

The Healthureum cryptocurrency token (HHEM) is one of the most critical elements of this entire system. Using the HHEM token, patients will be easily able to pay for their treatment. Moreover, the HHEM token can be used to make payments by the hospitals to the inventory providers as well. The fees for virtual consultancy can also be paid via the HHEM token.


The HHEM tokens can be made use of to make philanthropic donations too – this is a major part of the healthcare industry and it can easily be done with the help of the HHEM tokens. For more details on Healthureum as well as the HHEM token, you can check out their website at

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