One of the most important smartphones manufacturers in the world, Huawei, is working with Sirin Labs in order to create a Blockchain-Ready smartphone. The official information has not been released, but different sources from inside the two companies have reported meetings between Huawei and Sirin Labs, and did not deny the rumours about their intentions.

Huawei Blockchain Smartphone

Blockchain technology has been growing in many industries, including retail, shipping and finance. But now, it seems that smartphone producers realized that they can have several benefits by embracing this powerful technology.

Huawei Logo
Huawei Logo

Huawei is developing a smartphone that will support decentralized applications (DApps) that run on top of blockchain technology. The information has been released by Bloomberg on March the 21st.

According to two individuals that are familiar with the plans of Huawei, the world’s third largest handset maker is in talks to license Sirin Labs’ operating system. The O.S. is known as SIRIN OS, and the main purpose is to run blockchain applications alongside Alphabet’s Android System. As of today, no agreement has been signed and no official announcement has been made.

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With this development, blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, will reach a greater audience around the world. This is an important step for the blockchain industry that is trying to improve products and services in different enterprises and governments.

As the cryptocurrency market is over 50% down since the beginning of the year, the adoption of blockchain technology would allow people to be nearer cryptocurrencies. With blockchain-based smartphones, cryptocurrencies would spread easily to customers, allowing the crypto market to keep expanding during this and the coming years.

Huawei and Sirn Labs’ Plans

Huawei executives have been talking with Sirin Labs’ team during the last two months, according to people involved in the topic.

A caption from February the 28th on Sirin Labs’ Telegram chat group reads as follows:

“Amazing meeting just concluded between Sirin Labs and Huawei. Among other things discussed was the possibility of cooperating together to bring blockchain technology to the masses in a secure way.”

But Huawei is not the only smartphone producer that is trying to integrate blockchain technology with their devices. Sirin Labs is also working in order to develop a blockchain-based smartphone. The companies are sharing experiences, developments, and challenges in order to better build their products.

Sirin Labs is planning to sell the smartphone for about $11737 ZAR. The smartphone would be launched during the next half of the year and has already reached 25,000 pre-ordered unites. According to Sirin Labs spokesman, Nimrod May, the company is planning to produce a phone that will also include a cold storage wallet and a system that automatically convert fiat money to the digital tokens needed to use other blockchain applications.

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