Gold and Silver have been the accepted store of value for millennia now, and it seems they may continue to serve their purpose well into the Internet of Transactions era thanks to Ethereum.Link.


Merging the ancient world with the era of invention, through Link’s innovative silver-backed token combines silver’s stability and centuries-old reputation with the security, speed, and profitability of cryptocurrencies. A coin that serves as the link between the cryptocurrency and the international silver markets? What a time to be alive! The Link token, which runs as a standard ERC20 token within the Ethereum ecosystem, offers .999 (pure) physical silver to add a whole new level of security to modern cryptocurrency trading.


Link aims to reduce the extreme downward volatility related to crypto assets and become the first choice among traditional investors for making low-risk investments while simultaneously introducing users to the Ethereum ecosystem.  


Link operates using smart contract technology to acquire 0.999 fine certified silver when a new buy order is triggered and paid by a user. The silver is acquired from the lowest spot price + available in markets with major silver industries such as Australia, China, Russia etc.  

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LNKS Silver Tokens are minted through an Ethereum ERC20 Token issuance automation called Minter Smart Contract. Each $LNKS Silver Token represents 1g of silver and is divisible to 0.01g. For every Card that is sent to the Minter Smart Contract, $LNKS Silver tokens will be issued in return. LNKS Silver Token is now fully tradable and secured into the Ethereum blockchain. Which means  Link Silver tokens can be held in an Ethereum wallet and all trades arw included in the Ethereum blockchain’s ledger.


0.999 Fine Silver is simply the first physical commodity supported by LNK Token, there plans to include Gold and other assets in future.

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Ash Bonga

Ash is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, who dabbles in a bit of trading. By day he heads, technology distribution firm Existence Digital along with projects in footwear.

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