The man has stated that he will provide further evidence to his claim on his next media interview.

Craig Wright claims to demonstrate ownership of a private key that could only have belonged to Satoshi Nakamoto as it is the same key used to make the first ever Bitcoin transaction.


The Australian businessman has come out in a televised BBC interview stating that he is the developer, or one of the chief developers involved in the creation of Bitcoin.

His claims are further supported by Gavin Andressen, the chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation. Gavin states that he personally witnessed the use of the cryptographic key from the very first bitcoin block.

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Although, all is not as it seems, security researchers were quick to point out that the signature provided by Craig Wright had already been posted some 7 years ago! When converted from base64 to hexadecimal, the new string of numbers and letters that begins “304502 …” can clearly be seen as the input to the very first bitcoin transaction.


Also, he is currently under investigation by the Australian tax authorities for a sum of $54 million dollars which wright claims was signed over from his stash of Satoshi coin to a company for research and development. Conveniently, according to leaked documents this $54,000,000 can only be loaned back to his company for further R&D.


Is this man a con? How could he think he could fool such a strong witted community that has constantly been targeted by scammers? We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.




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