Recently we learnt that the South African Crypto Currency exchange, which has been operating since 2013, went dark by adding cryptocurrency Monero to their exchange offerings. The announcement came late Thursday afternoon as most of us were winding down for Freedom Day celebrations.


South Africans can now trade Monero Privacy Coin on “iceCUBED-X” ICE3X is officially the first and only cryptocurrency exchange on the African continent to list the Monero coin, affording it’s South African customers the opportunity to BUY and SELL the privacy based coin locally. Monero is the 11th largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalisation of R3.35 billion Gareth Grobler, CEO of ICE³X, said:


“We think Monero is currently the most suitable coin to add to the exchange, because it is fundamentally different from bitcoin, has a real world use case and somehow managed to
stay true to the original idea around which Bitcoin was created.”

Storing Monero


“Privacy-focused altcoin Monero (XMR) is set to receive official support from cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger, lead code maintainer Riccardo Spagni has confirmed.”

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Speaking in an interview during an episode of the Doug Polk Podcast April 9, Spagni added the integration had “already” occurred.


“We are on Ledger already if you’ve got the dev kit,” he said. “I saw some commits happening today to fix a couple of small issues, I’d hope that probably alongside the
Monero 0.12.1 release, there will be official Ledger support.”


Spagni had also demonstrated the dev kit progress on social media March 30.

If you fancy your chances at winning a Ledger Nano S, enter the ICE3X competition here.

The South African connection


Monero core lead developer, Riccardo Spagni, is a South African local.Riccardo is a popular Twilebrity, and you can follow Riccardo here @fluffypony He recently released a YouTube video titled: Why Monero is the world’s least professional cryptocurrency – and how that is a good thing! Watch Riccardo Spagni talk about Monero here:


On a slightly different note, even cryptocurrency cannot dodge the expropriation rhetoric! Following the ICE3X announcement, some Redditors decided to ‘share their thoughts’ on
Monero, but Ricardo extinguished the flames with his comment on the recent Reddit thread.


Traders are welcome to use this link to sign up to trade Monero on iceCUBED-X

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