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    Be careful if you have funds on Poloniex

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    What do you guys think of the BitClub mining network? Scam or no? To me it seems like the payouts are just unsustainable, if they are only mining a tiny fraction of the Bitcoin coming into circulation (around 1%) how are they able to payout all their members or substantiate their claims?

    • I have been weary of BitClub since the first day I was introduced to it by a friend who is into multi-level marketing. If you do the math, I think you are right they cannot sustain the payouts they promise. My advice would be to avoid networks like these at all costs, if you are interested in cloud mining look for a reputable cloud mining…[Read more]

      • BitClub Network is the sixth largest Bitcoin Mining company in the world. Where is your proof that they cannot sustain their payouts. Do you know of anybody or a large majority of the members of the BitClub Network that have not been paid because the company has run out of funds. Get the facts, give extensive detail as proof, before you shoot your…[Read more]

        • Hi Clyde,

          They may be the 6th largest mining group in the world but the 1st has a magnitude larger hashrate. I would give you the payout numbers, but they are not publicly available so the claim is very hard to prove and that’s why ponzi operators are able to fool as many people as they do. Stop just running your mouth off and give me some…[Read more]

          • Hi Grinderman
            You have just admitted (although you will hate to acknowledge it) that you cannot prove your subjective accusations. As far a me proving my objective involved facts, I dont have to, as the innocent are always truthful until proved guilty. I have looked at those the 3 links and all of them have no in depth knowledge of the BitClub…[Read more]

            • Clyde, did you read the “Let’s do the math” part of the 99Bitcoins article, it explains why the payouts at BitClub may be unsustainable.

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