MoxyOne is an Australia-based startup which is all set to change the way we know cryptocurrency payments to be. Up until now, cryptocurrency payments were a complex process, especially for retail payments. This complexity was responsible for users considering cryptocurrencies more as an investment option and not as a payment token. With MoxyOne’s infrastructure, this is all set to become easier than ever before.


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Using the MoxyOne Debit Cards, users would be able to make cryptocurrency payments just like how they make offline payments. Over the years, a number of merchants have begun to accept cryptocurrency payments. However, it is still a very small number of merchants who are accepting cryptocurrencies. With MoxyOne’s infrastructure, it will become easier for the customers to pay and merchants to receive these payments.


MoxyOne’s cryptocurrency payments platform will be powered by SPEND cryptocurrency tokens which will facilitate the conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat payments. Let us take a closer look at MoxyOne’s plans on setting up this system:

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How The MoxyOne Platform Changes The Way We Know Cryptocurrency Payments


The MoxyOne platform has a number of features and services that it offers to its users for easy cryptocurrency-to-fiat payments. Their primary plan of action, however, is to make use of Debit Cards for cryptocurrency payments they way they are used for fiat payments. Here’s a detailed understanding of how the company intends on doing this:


Debit Card payments are used in real world transactions where cash from one account flows into another account upon a swipe. However, with MoxyOne’s infrastructure, cryptocurrencies from the buyer’s account flow into the seller’s account in the form of cash. This cryptocurrency to fiat conversion is taken care by MoxyOne’s system with the help of SPEND tokens.


The MoxyOne Debit Cards can also be swiped in ATM Machines to get instant cash! This is another added advantage and unique feature of these cards.


When the card is swiped and a user pays in the form of ETH, the ETH tokens would then be converted into SPEND tokens, which would be transferred into the account of the merchant. The SPEND tokens in that account would then be converted into fiat currencies and the final payment to the merchant takes place in the form of fiat money!


The system also makes use of a MoxyAI system which ensures that if a user has multiple cryptocurrencies in his wallet, the highest priced currency at that point of time is used for payments. This is because the AI ensures that you spend the least in cryptocurrencies but get the most benefit in form of fiat money.


MoxyOne ICO and Token Sale:


The MoxyOne ICO and token sale allows users to participate in the token sale and get their hands on the SPEND tokens. The company has set up a target of a minimum of 4,000 ETH tokens – failing to reach which, the company would refund all investor money. The MoxyOne ICO requires a KYC process to be filled before you can invest. Interestingly, there’s a referral program, under which you can get your friends to sign up for the ICO and token sale and win free coins! For more details, head to:

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