We all want our information protected, especially with all the hacks on crypto exchanges in recent times. Bestmixer.io, a Bitcoin mixer (tumbler), comes to provide cryptocurrency user’s with a whole new level of protection by making your transactions across the network anonymous.


What’s a bitcoin mixer?


Seeing as the Bitcoin blockchain(including most others) operate on a public register to record transactions, it is, therefore, possible for persons with malicious intentions to get ahold of transaction details and even your wallet address.


This is where a Bitcoin tumbler comes in. A coin mixer works by using a third party to break up the connection between the wallet address sending the coins and the wallet address or addresses receiving them.


In a nutshell, what Bestmixer.io does to protect your information is, exchanging your coins(of the appropriate amount) with those of another user or other users. Through this process of disguising the origin of coins, the bitcoin tumbler makes it “impossible” to follow your cyber – footprint on the blockchain.

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How can a bitcoin mixer help you?


Over the time that has passed since the launch of Bitcoin, a lot of people came to the realization that Bitcoin’s blockchain is only pseudo-anonymous. As was mentioned before , the threat of sensitive information being intercepted by the ne’er – do-wells of cyberspace is very real.


A lot of companies are engaged in what is being described as analysis of the blockchain. Their aim is to clarify and enhance the methods of analysis, this not necessarily a bad thing.


However, what is worrying is that in some instances they will study your particular transactions. A further eyebrow-raiser is that when more knowledge about blockchain analysis is available, it will become harder to keep that knowledge away from potential wrongdoers.


Despite the fact that the goals of law enforcement and the goals of cyberthugs are in opposite corners of the ring, the methods used to secure those objectives are the same. For those reasons, Bestmixer’s coin mixer services are essential for the security conscious.


Why Bestmixer.io over the other bitcoin mixers available?


A lot of the Bitcoin tumblers available came as a result of a popular Bitcoin mixer that shut down operations. They saw a gap in the market and filled it with tumblers that are clones of each other. In some instances, they might not even offer you any real anonymity at all, only a placebo effect of information security.


According to their website, Bestmixer.io is a  truly anonymous Bitcoin tumbler with more than a few attractive features.

  • Strict privacy policies aimed at protecting user information and giving the user absolute anonymity.
  • A CAE -check ( Coin Anonymization Event ) which is used to confirm the anonymity of already mixed coins.
  • They offer the “lowest service” fee at 0.5% and a user can pay even less after applying for a personal discount.
  • All necessary information is given to the user in multiple languages to make it more user-friendly. These languages include English, German, French, Malay, and Japanese just to name a few.

One of the most attractive aspects of this particular coin mixer is that t supports a number of coins, namely: Bitcoin(BTC), BCash(BCH), Litecoin(LTC)and Ether(ETH).


As the popularity of digital currency increases, more and more people will be exposed to the threat of losing their coins to a cyber attack on their coin wallets. A functional and trusted Bitcoin mixer is exactly what a lot of people will need. Given the decentralized nature of these digital assets and the fact that comprehensive cryptocurrency regulations are still being drawn up at this stage. The responsibility of keeping our coins safe is on us.

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