There was a recent release (July 23, 2016) of a new open source software that replaces traditional hardware and software wallets. It allows the user to store bitcoins in a wallet using an image.


Called CryptoStandard SSI, which stands for Security Standard Implementation, the software uses two different Cryptographic technologies to achieve this- Steganography(Wikipedia: the practice of concealing messages or information within other nonsecret text or data) and AES Encryption. Using this protocol you can store a Bitcoin wallet(or multiple wallets) digitally using the pixels of an image and it’s RGB data.


This means that your wallets can now be hidden in plain sight, without anyone ever knowing that your computer or image is being used to protect your Bitcoin stash! This is a complete new method for safe and secure cold storage of your BTC.


Steps the software uses to create image wallet:

Step 1 –  Create a new Bitcoin wallet address, do this offline to prevent any leaks

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Step 2Create these wallets using AES 128-bits X2, 32-character hash encryption protocol.

Step 3The new encrypted wallet will then be stored within the pixels of your chosen image, htis is done in the form of RGB data using Steganographic methods.


If you’d like to test this method we have provided an example below, image 1 contains no wallet and image 2 has 100 wallets encrypted within it, just use the password: flower

Image 1


Image 2 (Hidden wallets, password: flower)

hidden wallet


For more information here are some links with further information on the project:




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