Virtual Handshake

Smart Contracts – Unbreakable Escrow Agreements

Smart Contracts are digitally signed and verified contracts that use protocols to facilitate and enforce the parameters of it’s performance. Contracts without, well, Contracts. Blockchain technology has made leaps and bounds in areas that were not possible to make trustless without many…

Bitcoin Africa Conference 2016

The Blockchain Bitcoin Africa Conference will be hosted by Bitcoin Events. The conference will take place on the 3rd & 4th of March 2016 in Johannesburg. Attendees include Jared Tate (Founder of cryptocurrency start-up Digibyte), Marcus Swannepoel (Co-founder and CEO at BitX),…
Bitcoin Adoption In South Africa

Bitcoin Adoption in South Africa

You might ask yourself, how many people use Bitcoin in South Africa? We have written this article to help understand the current climate of for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in South Africa. How has South Africa adopted Bitcoin? Number of Destinations that Accept…

Beware of Bitcoin HYIP Scams

Due to Bitcoins decentralized, open and free nature. More and more scammers are turning to Bitcoin as their preferred payment method. New Ponzi schemes are currently making the rounds in South Africa. The two biggest known HYIP type investment scams at the…

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