Press Release: 2017 was an incredible year for cryptocurrencies. Almost all cryptocurrencies were profitable and many of them offered massive returns. It was almost a sure-shot way of making quick money. This drew a lot of investors towards the markets. However, of late there has been a lot of uncertainty and unpredictability in the markets. Peculium is an investment platform which helps eliminate this risk of uncertainty.

What is Peculium?

Peculium is a platform for smart investments. The system makes use of an Artificial Intelligence based AIEVE system for insights which help it predict which cryptocurrency prices are going to soar next. Based on this insight, the Peculium platform would invest in those currencies and withdraw from those currencies which are likely to fall.

The question that now rises is – how does Peculium predictwhich currencies are going to rise and which currencies are going to fall. The platform does it with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics.

How Does Peculium Predict Prices?

Peculium predicts the prices of cryptocurrencies by going through the trends that the currency has shown over the years. Cryptocurrencies do not have any laws or rules such as the regular economy. However, there are some trends and patterns which recur from time to time. An analysis of these trends helps understand the movement of a currency.

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Peculium’s AIEVE system analyzes the trends of a large number of cryptocurrencies and compares the present day movement with historic data. Based on the findings – the system automatically decides if the currencies are worth investing. Moreover, it also knows the right time as to when to withdraw from a currency which might be about to experience a fall in price.

This data driven technology is the future of finance. This video explains Peculium in detail:

Peculium ICO: Join The Investment Revolution

Peculium is a platform. However, all transactions on this platform happen with the help of Peculiums cryptocurrency – PCL. The Peculium ICO is currently underway – and the last date to invest in the technology is Wednesday, the 24th of January. Those who register before the last date would get a bonus of 10%

Those interested in this AI and analytics driven revolution must make the best use of this opportunity! More details about Peculium are available at

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