Marijuana legislation around the world are being challenged by activists who are protesting against government regulations. For decades, marijuana-related laws have become strict around the world – banning it and classifying it as a ‘drug’. However, after years of protests and petitions, governments are slowly relaxing the laws that surround marijuana.


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It started off with declassifying marijuana as a drug equivalent to the likes of cocaine and heroin, which are way more damaging. A large number of people every year were being arrested because of possessing marijuana and were subjected to the same punishment as someone carrying heroin or cocaine would be. However, these regulations have now been changed in
most nations. Moreover, the medical benefits of marijuana too, are emerging – prompting governments to legalize medical marijuana.


Medical marijuana is now legal in 30 states and districts of the United States. It has recently been legalized in many nations around the world, including Australia. In 7 US States and DC, it is possible to even consume marijuana as a recreational substance. Laws around the world are loosening up, but there’s still a lot to be done, particularly for medical marijuana.

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Researchers have found a number of benefits that medical marijuana offers to those suffering through various medical ailments. Medical marijuana has been prominently used by those undergoing chemotherapy treatment to fight cancer. There has also been a significant progress in understanding the benefits of medical marijuana for those suffering from mental health-related issues. It is also consumed by those suffering from ailments that involve chronic pain. Having recently been legalized in Australia, medical marijuana demands in the nation are rising.


KPR Medical Solutions is a leading name in the nation which aims at helping the country meet these rising demands. KPR Medical Solutions intends to start growing high-quality medical marijuana to supply in Australia, as well as at a global level. The company has started off an Initial Coin Offering fundraiser program where they aim at raising ETH tokens worth $30 Million in exchange for the KPR Coin tokens.


With this money that the will raise, KPR Medical Solutions will buy the land and set up all the equipment needed to start off the operations. The company, to sustain itself over the long term, will be depending upon cryptocurrency mining operations. Bitcoin mining farms will be set up with the help of Renewable Mining Australia, which will buy Antminer S9 mining devices and mine for Bitcoins. While income that is generated by these Bitcoins would be used to fund the growth of medical marijuana, some VIP investors will also be given Bitcoin rewards.


More details on the KPR Coin cryptocurrency and the plans that KPR Medical Solutions has for cryptocurrency mining as well as growing medical marijuana can be accessed at the company’s official website at


This should be a major boost for the supply of medical marijuana not just in Australia, but for the entire world!

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