Cryptosteel Hardware Wallet Backup


Cryptosteel Mnemonic comes with a letter set which can be used to create a physical back-up for your BIP39 mnemonic seed words.

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Cryptosteel provides a secure offline storage physical device which can be used to physically back-up your BIP39 HD Bitcoin wallet or seed phrase for your Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet in indestructible style steel format. In order to securely backup a mnemonic seed phrase, only the first four letters of each seed word is required. 245 uppercase letters and blank letters are provided in the case of 3 letter words being in the seed.

– Contains Cryptosteel unit able to hold up to 24 4 digit mnemonics
– Backup any BIP39 HD Wallet or Seed phrase
– Voted best offline storage method for seed recovery backup

Weight455 g
Dimensions160 x 120 x 10 mm
Box Contents

1 x Cryptosteel unit
1 x Letter set


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