Trezor Model T Hardware Wallet


Trezor Model T is the 2nd generation Bitcoin hardware wallet brought to you by Trezor.

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  • Next generation hardware wallet
  • Ultimate security
  • Ease of Use: works on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Plug in the provided USB cable
  • Modern Cryptography
  • Community-driven, open-source

The next-generation hardware wallet. Keeping your bitcoins secure has never been so easy. Same goes for other coins. Experience the possibilities of the new TREZOR. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are growing exponentially. While they promote financial freedom and offer incredible opportunities, they can be difficult to understand, creating challenges and risks for their users. TREZOR allows you to join the cryptocurrency world with a peace of mind, thanks to its advanced yet user-friendly security design. TREZOR is your starting point and long-term home. TREZOR’s second generation model T is the safe place for your coins


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