Property Investments are usually the forté of the well to do since it’s such a high-cost game. There traditionally hasn’t been any way for the average Joe to buy into property, leaving good ol’ Joe with very limited prospects for a better financial future.


Enter ProsperiProp, demonstrating some serious creative chops by leveraging blockchain technology to develop a business model that makes property investment more accessible than our friend Joe could have ever imagined. We had a chat with Llewelyn Morkel the man behind this revolutionary concept, and had him share some insight with us regarding the ProsperiProp project:

llewelyn morkel

(BitcoinHub): Llew, you obviously have a property background, how far back does it stretch? How did you get started?

(Llewelyn Morkel): I actually studied software development and am a certified Java software developer and Java trainer. I worked at the banks for a good couple of years – getting my introductions into the world of online banking at Standard Bank where I was involved in their Internet banking division, an area in the bank that is constantly innovating. I guess that’s where the financial innovation bug bit.


(BH): ProsperiProp is setting up to change the property investment landscape by enabling lower-income individuals to invest. Tell me more about your business model and how it you came up with it?

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(LM): believe that technology applied has the ability to shift the centres of power. It can help us correct inequalities and make a real difference in the world. One of the areas where financial exclusion is most glaring is the investment industry. In many cases you can only invest in a top product if you can afford the entry fee. There is a “minimum investment” amount that ranges from tens to hundreds of thousands of Rands. But why do they do this? No, it isn’t all cloak and dagger and illuminate conspiracy theories. Its simply because of the cost and the administrative burden involved in managing millions of micro accounts. The top portfolios prefer to manage a fewer – but large accounts to keep costs down and profits up.

I saw an opportunity where we could manage millions of micro accounts at very little cost using Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and by doing so open the door millions of people around the world that would invest in top products, if they could.


(BH): I understand you have two coins, PropX and Tree. What’s the difference between the two?

(LM): Yes, perfectly right. And soon we will have three and four and many more. PROPX is our investor token. PROPX tokens represents a special share in our business. PROPX tokens earn business dividends, own the financial capital in the company and get free project tokens.

The second token you mention, codename TREE, is our first product. ProsperiProp is a fintech company. We use blockchain technology to develop the next generation of investment products. Each of these products will have their own token, that why I say that we will soon have many tokens. The TREE token is an investment product and the way that we fulfil our vision. With the TREE token we make investing in top property assets possible for less than R25 a coin.


(BH): How does a holder of these coins extract value from them?

(LM): PROPX holders get company dividends, but they also get a share of project tokens when the project is launched. So, when we launch TREE, PROPX token holders will receive free TREE tokens! Their TREEs will grow just like everyone that busy them.

TREE tokens then “grow” in value when the asset pays dividends, the token receives interest and when the value of the asset grows (capital growth).


How do individuals get hold of PropX or Tree?

It is easy to buy PROPX on our website,, you can use BTC, ETH etc or you can buy PROPX with your credit card.

TREE will only launch in the first quarter of 2018. As TREE is a consumer financial product we will register with the FSB here in South Africa and the US SEC in America. This takes time and it costs a lot of money!


(BH): So will PropX be tradable? Any plans to have it listed on a crypto exchange?

(LM):  Yes, PROPX will be tradable on the WAVES decentralised exchange. We will distribute PROPX tokens to their owners’ WAVES accounts on the day after the ICO. From there trade can start.


(BH): Why, ICO? Instead of venture capital?

(LM): The VC wheels turn slowly and they are often overburdened by the sheer volume of candidate projects. Crowd funding venture capital  gives each of us the opportunity to put our project to the world for an opportunity to get investment. Thanks to TV programs like dragon’s den, it has become aspirational to be a dragon. And an ICO gives people that opportunity – you get to invest in projects that tickle your fancy, and you decide how much you want to put at risk. But that word is key… at RISK.


ProsperiProp has gone a long way to prove that we are honest and transparent. We appointed independent, international auditors to audit our financials each year. We did this so that PROPX token owners will know that the financials they see are a true and honest reflection of the business.


Many ICOs out there aren’t that honest. Beware.


 (BH): Why the Waves blockchain?

(LM): WAVES let’s us “outsource” the blockchain technical requirement so that we can focus on the product side of the business. WAVES transaction fees are very low, 0,001 WAVES per transaction, which translates to about 6 cent per transaction.


(BH): Which global locations are you targeting for the ProsperiProp, property portfolio?

(LM): We aim to make ProsperiProp a global fintech investment brand over the next five years. Our two main goals are to achieve our vision of using technology to make it possible for everyone to invest in top investment portfolios – and the second to create real value of the PROPX token owners.

ProspeiProp is a bonefide game-changer I’d get some Propx as soon as possible if I were you, their ICO ends with October. You can also connect with ProsperiProp on Slack, facebook, twitter and telegram.

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