Earlier in November, Blockstream unveiled a new coding language intended for use in blockchain based smart contracts on it’s side chains and possibly, Bitcoin in the foreseeable future. Blockstreams Infrastructure Tech Developer, Russel O’Connor presented it at a PLAS 2017, an ACM SIGSAC Workshop on Programming Languages and Analysis for Security.


O’Connor’s paper  describes Simplicity as “a new programming language, designed to be used for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications, which aims to improve upon existing cryptocurrency languages, such as Bitcoin Script and Ethereum’s EVM [virtual machine], while avoiding some of the problems they face.”


Though the coding language is “so simple it fits on a T-shirt”, it is still a Blockstream Research & Development project, but may feature in future Blockstream products, as the company stated.


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Ash Bonga

Ash is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, who dabbles in a bit of trading. By day he heads, technology distribution firm Existence Digital along with projects in footwear.

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