Snapparazzi, the next generation blockchain-based platform, has announced its SnapCoin sale via Pre ICO (Initial Coin Offering) commencing at the end of August (the last week). The Snapparazzi application makes it possible to capture images and record videos to sell to willing buyers such as broadcasters using the Snapparazzi distributed blockchain platform.


Some of the top buyers include:

  • Online news outlets.
  • International media.
  • Local news stations.


Snapparazzi wants to disrupt the fast-growing video-on-demand market whose value is expected to clock between $90 and $291 billion by the year 2020. With smartphones everywhere, Snapparazzi is everywhere.

Snapparazzi fills the gap of incomplete media coverage when a high value political, economic or social event takes place, TV crew and reporters are not always at the scene to carry the story. This leaves a huge gap in media coverage that Snapparazzi wants to address. With over 2.34 billion smartphones across the globe, users have the opportunity to fill the gap by becoming the main source of exclusive coverage of newsworthy events. With a Snapparazzi application, you are able to record the events and sell to willing buyers.

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How does Snapparazzi system work?

Snapparazzi wants to empower you to become the primary source of quality media coverage for a reward. The Snapparazzi app helps users to capture and share footage armed with your smartphone, the Snapparazzi app helps you share the footage, and get paid in SnapCoin. Whether you are a journalist or a member of the public at an event of great interest, Snapparazzi is the new media by the people for the people.


NOTE: Snapparazzi is different from the conventional media. It presents an innovative auction model where interested parties such as top media outlets can bid for high-value footage. The model levers best practices in the industry through better distribution of revenue. Everyone with a smartphone everywhere can now earn. Snapparazzi uses the latest Geolocation technology to allow every person to get involved. When you upload new footage, the platform will notify other users in the area of the new opportunity.


The platform also runs targeted advertisements implemented via optional viewing requests. When a user accepts advertisements, he is rewarded with SnapCoin for the time used on the network. The network is also a great place for companies to run targeted ads because of the guaranteed audience.


Become a media moderator to amplify your earning

You can increase earnings through Snapparazzi by working as a moderator. This is a unique role where you assess content creators’ footage before it goes live on the platform and you will be rewarded with SnapCoin. The Snapparazzi members rate the moderator’s work and reward them with bonus SnapCoins according to their ratings.

Become a Snapparazzi member by participating in the ICO

As the traditional media continue declining, blockchain popularity is fast gaining pace. Platforms based on blockchain technology, such as Snapparazzi have provided a new path that everyone can rely on for best practices and higher returns. Snapparazzi is offering people a chance to own a part of it through the initial coin offering starting in the last week of August 2018. The ICO targets to release 70% of the project’s 735 million SnapCoins. Do not miss the special opportunity of becoming part of Snapparazzi network and the huge growth potential of SnapCoin.

Here are the dates for the ICO.


ICO event Date
1The Start of Pre-ICO24th August 2018
2Pre-ICO end6th September 2018
3ICO14th September 2018
4End of ICO14th October 2018



Snapparazzi Ltd,
Palace Court, Church Street,
St. Julians, STJ 3049,
Company register number C86876

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