To kick-off, the launch of their platform with their first event SportsPodium is planning a world record-setting golf challenge scheduled for the 21st to 28th of June 2018, the record they are going for is the most golfers participating in a single event.


The SP Global Golf challenge allows any golfer to participate by playing at their local golf course, your scores will be tallied up against all competitors globally. The company plans to take advantage of open-source blockchain technology to store and record data for sports. Their platform aims to incentivize its users to provide data by rewarding them with tokens for participating.


“When I bumped into blockchain in 2014, I knew this was the future” Said co-founder and CEO Jaco Roussouw, “I see the blockchain as a way to solve many global problems, the open and transparent aspects are what excites me most”


It is a community-driven platform which the CEO fondly likens to that of, the blockchain based blogging platform which rewards its users for contributing as a content creator or curator. They have developed algorithms which are to be used to validate data which has been submitted by community members and will use a reputation system to self-regulate the quality of its data.


The first ambassador to join the SportsPodium team is none other than South African legend and sports hero, Natalie Du Toit, who is also the projects Chief-Development-Officer, she had this to say:

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“Sport empowers people, and it has the power to change the world. Through our network of ambassadors, SportsPodium is also a community project. A place where retired athletes, coaches, current athletes and peers all have a place. The benefits of this project filter from top to bottom and bottom to top, and it’s an opportunity for us to really grow sport and level the playing field.”


The platform is not aimed at the professional sports industry but at the amateur sports industry where it plans to provide a platform where you can compare your scores and other metrics with that of your peers. In the process, you are rewarded using their token depending on a number of metrics and your reputation score.


The platform is launching on Sirius network where the SportsPodium is working closely with project developers to meet their needs for integrations. Golf is just the first sports discipline which they have decided to launch with they are planning to offer applications for every sport imaginable and due to the open-source nature of the project, it will allow for developers to build their own applications for the platform.

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