Bitcoin is the most pressing trend today. Many claim it a revolutionary technology that’s changing the world you probably heard the quote: “There is no better time to invest in Bitcoin than right now.” If you are thinking about it but didn’t have enough motivation to try Bitcoin, or just curious about why people invest in it, here are some reasons:

Continuous growth

$3,230,342 this how much money you would have if you’d invested $100 in Bitcoin in 2011. What a pity that none of us came to that idea six years ago… But … these are the cheap tricks you shouldn’t regret. We are here for meaningful and valuable information that will help you earn profits today.

It is true Bitcoin is growing continuously. And it’s not only about the six years of its existence. Over 2018, it has upsurge from $1000 to $9000. There is no doubt that $10000 is the next record point that we are going to see this year.


While some experts may disagree, Bitcoin has shown to be more stable than United States stocks and some country currencies.

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Going up, up, up!

While there have been moments Bitcoin dropped in value, when we look at charts, the value continues to climb.

It isn’t going to stop climbing soon.

High volatility

Bitcoin is extremely volatile. It means that its price swings up and down very frequently within a short period of time. In light of its deflating nature, Bitcoin is a perfect option for traders. In this connection, the demand for cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms has greatly increased.

Judge yourself: all you need is to wait for the price to fall down to be lowest and buy Bitcoins as much as you want. One way or another, the price will, eventually, grow and that will be the time to sell you Bitcoins and repeat the cycle again and again.’

Bitcoin A massive Addressable Market

How big is the Bitcoin market? There is an upside to the market, predicting that there is plenty of room to grow, seeing not unreasonable increases to 10 times. With a current market cap hovering around $100 billion, that would put the digital currencies predicted future market cap somewhere in the region of $1 trillion. The rationale behind the valuation being that should Bitcoin be used for daily monetary transfers, the amount of daily transactions actioned by banks, numbers upwards of $7 trillion. If Bitcoin grew to fulfill even a fraction of that, it’s a large addressable market.

Bitcoin is the future, in case you didn’t know

The industry of decentralized technologies is at the very beginning of its development, but the process is moving much faster than anyone could have thought it would. Major Banks already accept Bitcoins and aid in the development of it.

Bitcoin introduced the concepts of decentralization and blockchain. It has provoked the appearance of hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, thousands of businesses and a cutting-edge way of inventing and thinking. For this reason, its effect on society and our way of living is to be even more beneficial than it was after the exposure of the internet back in the days. That is why the sooner one jumps on board, the more profits he will gain by the time the others join.


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