The reasons for private and institutional investment in cryptocurrency is clear – the vast opportunity of achieving a favourable return on any investment. For many investors, the thought of earning a return on any investment made without being intimately intertwined with the technical details is a proposition that holds great appeal. Trilliant has designed a program that allows anyone to reap an immediate reward for their investment – whilst supporting one of the most ground-breaking developments in the cryptocurrency sector to date.


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Trilliant makes the highly lucrative cryptocurrency ATM business accessible to everyone. Today, the emergence of cryptocurrencies has driven a new generation of investors. Bitcoin has become the most recognised form of online currency, yet Litecoin and Ethereum similarly ubiquitous. Not only that, the immense growth of blockchain-based enterprises is changing the way businesses operate and paving the way for the future.


Whilst many cryptocurrency companies are solely focused on technology, Trilliant offers something different – creating the physical infrastructure to support the growing cryptocurrency ecosystem. This offers an entirely new proposition for investors. However, Trilliant’s unique cryptocurrency ATMs aside, the business is offering a novel way anyone can profit from their enterprise, namely their Fractional Ownership Program. This program offers investors the opportunity to purchase a piece of one of Trilliant’s fully-serviced cryptocurrency ATMs.

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100% independent from cryptocurrency prices, investors Fractional Ownership Units allows for participation in the lucrative crypto hardware – with Trilliant managing the daily running of each terminal. All investors need is TRIL Tokens to purchase ownership units. Investors can reap a rich profit by owning a share of a crypto-ATM operation – and enjoy predictable long-term returns which are independent from cryptocurrency prices. Each hardware ATM is divided into Ownership Units. These units are based on off-blockchain legally-binding revenue sharing contracts and are sold on a first come, first serve basis.


Trilliant has pledged that 2% of the revenue pool from the 500 ATMs that they intend to strategically install across Europe over the next 24 months will be divided up between investors. This will be paid out to the fractional unit owners monthly. The revenue sharing agreements investors enter in can produce a revenue excess of as much as 8% a month. This generous program means that clients can participate in and directly profit from Trilliant’s success.


Sebastian Korbach, Trilliant founder, and CEO said, ‘Of course, there are companies that produce ATMs, but the only use for their tokens is to pay for hefty transaction fees that users incur whenever withdrawing or depositing money. Here at Trilliant, we really want to give something back.’ What is clear is that Trilliant has created a mechanism whereby even novice cryptocurrency investors can generate an income simply from using their innovative ATM facilities. With ATMs currently producing an average revenue of around $40,000USD, Trilliant’s 2% revenue share to fractional unit owners could equate to a consistently handsome payoff the investors over a prolonged period.


Sebastian Korbach said, ‘Our aim is to have at least 500 ATMs operating by 2019. In the long run, we want our machines visible on every corner, creating greater awareness for cryptocurrencies in general.’ This ambition means that, thanks to Trilliant, the opportunity investors are presented with to profit from the imminent crypto ATM boom is, not only expansive but will only continue to grow over the course of next year and the coming future.


Learn more about Trilliant by clicking the link here and reading their Whitepaper.

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