The Winklevoss brothers are not shy to make bold claims calling themselves: “The NASDAQ of Bitcoin.” Gemini have just launched their services starting today.

Gemini is a new fully regulated Bitcoin exchange with a slick feel and a host of never before seen features. It is a fully regulated and fully compliant Bitcoin Exchange based in New York.

“We’re not launching until we’re licensed,” Tyler remarked. “Most people are taking a different approach, but we’re not interested in operating without a license.”

Gemini Bitcoin exchange developers
Some of the Gemini team at work (Credits: CoinDesk)

Not only are they already licensed and have already negotiated deals with a cooperative bank, users are reporting that the exchange and the web interface are already a very much detailed, slick and finished products with a great product experience. The twins believe they are the ones to beat when it comes to Bitcoin Exchanges in the USA and their flagship exchange marks the dawning of a new era in Bitcoin finance.



R500,000 per Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO

Bitcoin has seen dramatic rise in value over the last few years, the Winklevoss Twins have been actively participating in Bitcoin and related businesses since 2013 and are known to have large holdings of Bitcoins themselves as well as there very own exchange traded fund. They are strong believers in the future of Bitcoin and have reportedly stated that they believe 1 BTC will equal as much as 40,000 USD in the future.

What do you think Bitcoin will be worth in 2050?

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