Cloud application marketplace, Wireline, together with New Lab on November 28th announced that they would host‘s developers’ workshop blockchain developers’ workshop “Intro to Ethereum Programming” on December first in Brooklyn, New York.


Those who attend the workshop can expect to gain an understanding of blockchain concepts, basic smart contract programming skills using Vitalik Buterin’s Solidity coding language, how front-end apps can interact with Ethereum.


“Blockchain technology and smart contracts are enabling developers to experiment with decentralized designs at a new level. We’re thrilled to sponsor this workshop and are looking forward to exchanging knowledge with like-minded creative software engineers.” commented  Wireline co-founder Lucas Geiger. Co-Founder Péter Petrovics said, “Decentralization enables social collaboration on a scale unprecedented in human history. We believe that it will transform the world into a more inclusive and safer place. We feel just as excited about taking an active part in this as we were back in the early days of the Internet.”

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The Event will be at New Lab, and if you’re in  New York you can sign up here to catch it. Spaces are limited.

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